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Welcome to Roncalli High School Athletics

Welcome to Roncalli High School Athletics

A letter from the Director of Athletics

Hello, Roncalli Royal supporters! It is nice putting this letter together in preparation for what hopes to be a “normal” 2021-22 school year. Or as normal as we can possibly get… As I reflect back on March 2020, when our lives were taken down the Covid-19 pandemic path, I can’t help but think about the RHS classes of 2020, and 2021. The class of 2020 missed out on their final three months of high school – and will never get those “glory days” back. It was a struggle. However, I admired their will, strength, and positive attitudes while bonding together and commemorating as much of their high school experience as they could.

As we embarked on the 2020-21 school year, there were question marks and challenges faced by our RHS student athletes, coaches, and families. With contact tracing, illness, hybrid learning, missed games, no pep rallies, limited interaction in class and cafe, friends missing school, no dances, etc., we needed the Class of 2021 to lead the school like no other class before. Though very little about their senior year was “normal”, they answered the call and kept our school community as strong as ever. And even during a pandemic, they proved anything is possible when we trust in our God, and let Him lead us down any path put in front of us. Thank you to the classes of 2020 and 2021! Your strength and courage to keep Roncalli High School up and running will never be forgotten!

Over the course of the last two or three years, a lot has changed at Roncalli. We are officially the Royals. We are settling into the Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium. The old “Woodshed” gym has been renamed Bishop Chartrand Gymnasium. We have new turf and a new track at the stadium. Our gym floors are being redone. We are rebranding as much of campus as we can. Needless to say, it has been a busy two or three years – and things probably won’t slow down anytime soon. Not slowing down around RHS is NORMAL – and we should all embrace these changes and be appreciative of the wonderful gifts and opportunities our student athletes are being offered at RHS.

To the coaches and student-athletes in our 2020-21 athletic programs, I say THANK YOU on a job well done! The hundreds of hours put in by our coaches and student-athletes garnered state championships, All-Conference, All-County, All-State, and All-American selections. Our athletic programs competed not only against the best teams in Indiana, but the best teams in the country! The Circle City Conference continues to develop and grow its brand with healthy competition, sportsmanship, and support for each other’s schools and teams. Writing this gets me excited for the 2021-22 seasons. I hope you all are just as excited!! Good luck to all of our teams this season! Play hard, play smart, and be a good sport. Go Royals!

David Lauck R’94
Director of Athletics

Roncalli High School Athletic Department Mission Statement

The Roncalli High School athletic program is a ministry of the Catholic Church that is committed to the growth of student-athletes as Christian leaders in body, mind and spirit.

Body: Roncalli athletic programs will develop physically tough athletes who understand the value of hard work in training and competition. This includes developing every individual athlete.

Mind: Roncalli athletic programs will develop mentally tough athletes who learn to communicate and connect with teammates and coaches, problem solve, celebrate success, and overcome adversity.

Spirit: Roncalli athletic programs will develop their athletes as disciples of Jesus Christ. We will do this through commitments to love one another, prayer, genuine spirituality, and service.

It is the goal of all Roncalli athletic programs to glorify God in all that we do.