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Girls Lacrosse

2023 Season Review

The 2023 lacrosse season was one marked by growth from last year. The team showed improvement upon nearly every statistical category from last year to this year. Including a 15% increase in goals per game, lowering shots on goal to one third of last year, averaging 10 less shots allowed per game than last year, tripling ground ball recoveries and lowering yellow cards from ten in 2022 to just two this season.

One thing that makes this team stand out from teams past is a no-quit attitude, the athletes never accepted that they were defeated. Each and every athlete continued to play until the clock reached 0:00 and maintained that no-quit attitude through the entirety of the game and the season.

Micaiah Pierson was a standout first-year player for the team, being recognized as part of the all-section team, breaking the school record for single season ground ball recoveries (49), and finishing the season ranked number one in the section for ground ball recoveries and thirteenth in the state. Junior Ally Cissell provided reliable leadership both on and off the field all season. She tied the school’s single season goal record (44), was recognized as part of the all-section team and finished the season ranked number three in the section for goals, and seventh in the state.

In all, this season was marked by learning, continuous improvement and building excitement for the next season!