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Boys Golf

2024 Season Preview

The theme for this season is believing. The Royals have lost three of their top five players from the previous season, which means their positions are up for grabs. The returning crew has worked hard and is really beginning to show they have what it takes to fill the void if they believe in themselves and trust their hard work. The two returning seniors Nathan Fikes and Oliver Wellman come back with experience to go with their hard work, and they are looking to lead this group. Junior Keegan Rund has also seen a bit of varsity experience and has worked very hard and appears ready to step up.  Fellow juniors Casey Newett and Noah Irwin will have something to say about this season. They are excited about the opportunities in front of them, and Coach Poole expects them to be able to knock the door down. There are three freshmen who think they have what it takes, and a few others who are going to have their say. Golf is a democratic game. It doesn’t matter what a coach thinks. If you can shoot the lowest scores, you will play. Believing in themselves is going to be an important starting place and could lead to some sneaky success!